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Our mission is to create immersive and collective happenings that thoughtfully place the audience at the forefront of the theatrical experience.

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Molly Young

Molly is a co-founder, performer and Head of Engagement in halucid_. Raised in Norfolk, Molly moved to Canterbury to pursue her studies of Drama and Theatre at the University of Kent. Studying Drama has developed her interest in ensemble devising, visual design and performance art. Due to her involvement with the filmic adaptation of What the remnants make (2020), Molly has also refined her skills in cinematography and video editing. Alongside Mollys educational perusal of theatre, she has also worked as a photographer for Tempest Photography from 2018-2019, a Front of House coordinator for the School of Arts from 2019-2020, and volunteered at the Jarman Gallery and Diss Corn Hall. 

In her free time, Molly supports Vegan activism including her own solo performance art piece, The Cage (2019), which was a 12 hour long demonstration that attempted to challenge issues surrounding animal agriculture.

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Philip Ofe

Philip Ofe is a writer, actor and co-founder of halucid_ Theatre Company which is based in Canterbury, Kent. He recently graduated from the University of Kent with a first-class degree in Drama and Theatre. Some of his most recent works include a filmic experience titled 'What the Remnants Make' (2020), a poetry anthology titled 'buttonmash' (2019), and took part in many live-streamed spoken word performances. ‘Philip, 21’ (2021) was adapted from a piece of immersive theatre that explores the troubles of dating and distractions. Sprinkled in with real experiences and pressing issues, Philip has been able to bring his original piece to life.

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Adam Glen

Director/Co-founder of halucid_ Theatre Company. After earning a first degree in Drama and theatre from the University of Kent; Adam discovered a passion for exploring immersive and autobiographical theatre with a focus on aesthetics and audience interaction. His live works include Karoshi (2018), a durational performance art piece, and Limbus (2019) a site-specific production set in HM Prison Canterbury. In addition to his contributions to halucid_, Adam wrote and performed a stand-up routine for Funny Rabbit Comedy Club. In which he appeared alongside professional comedians Bec Hill and George Rigden. halucid_'s newest work, Philip 21 (2021), was conceptualised as a result of his interest in experimental methods of audience interaction/immersion; marking his first directing role in film.

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What Sets Us Apart?

halucid_ aims to disrupt conventional theatre by destabilising the power of the playwright as the sole creator, placing the audience at the forefront of the theatrical experience. Through experimental mediums with a collaborative process, halucid_'s work produces immersive and collective experiences for audiences, along with our signature dream-like aesthetic.

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