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Philip 21 is a debut interactive short film from halucid_ Theatre Company. Written By Philip Ofe, Directed by Adam Glen, and Produced by Molly Young. With the support of the talent development scheme New Creatives. Supported by Arts Council England and BBC Arts, delivered in the South East by Screen South and the BBC.

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Created by halucid_ Theatre Company, Philip 21 is a 10-15 minute point of view dating experience that focuses on interracial dynamics regarding relationships, love, and microaggressions through a participatory conversation with Philip.

Have you met Philip?

The story behind Philip 21

The inspiration for Philip 21 emerged from a short autobiographical story written by Philip Ofe, in February 2020, that explored his personal experiences of dating. Originally written to be performed live for an immersive performance in early 2020, Philip in collaboration with Adam Glen, the director, and Molly Young, the producer, adapted the story for an interactive on-screen performance due to the ongoing covid crisis. Adam stated,

“We wanted to utilize these times not as an excuse not to create, but as an opportunity to create something new. Hence why we took the decision to adapt our theatrical performance to something that we believe is the future of media, interactive art. ”

What the remnants make. (2020)

Using the confinement of one room, What the remnants make explores the prospect of waiting for happiness through four autobiographical stories. The characters attempt to obtain contentment by manifesting relationships, working on body image and accepting turmoil. This filmic performance questions our relationship with happiness and the prospect of a future, in a world that can be individual and lonesome.

What the remnants make was created and performed by Phillip Ofe, Adam Glen, Molly Young, Molisha Williams and  Victor Pang.

4am (2018)

A morning without light. The mind awakens but does not function. Reality dances with illusion. 4am was an immersive theatre experience detailing the introspective reflection of the minds of four individuals as they, along with the audience, explore their destructive egos. Set in a dark void of only blue and red, this piece touched on the themes and issues of isolation, depression, childhood trauma and drugs. Following a group of people: one who is remembering all their misfortune while it’s their birthday, another reflecting on the horrors of being a soldier, another who sits in the dark of their room and one who has locked themselves in the bathroom at a party. The audience was given the freedom to move to each corner of the void, receiving a glimpse of each of these individual’s stories; why they are so self-destructive and what they aim to achieve. When they are finally

brought together through the will of the early morning, it only leads to more self-destruction.

4am was created and performed by Adam Glen, Philip Ofe, Molisha Williams and Victor Pang.

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